I believe in treating all learners with respect in celebration of our unique human diversity. Everyone deserves a chance to learn, to grow, and to make their own space in the world. No one is beyond learning, everyone can be a leader, and we must learn from differences, not fear them.

I believe in hands-on experiences and whole-person education – immersive learning leads to better retention and synthesis.

I believe in fairness in education and in my relationship with with my students.

I believe that I can be wrong and my students can be right, and I believe in respectful conversations about these differences.

I believe in assessing learning needs, setting clear goals, and accurately measuring outcomes of student-centered, constructivist learning. My students are responsible for their own learning with the guidance of myself and others.

I believe in the influence that our passions have on the work that we do, and I believe that learning should be a cooperative effort through those passions (and despite them).

I believe in taking breaks for mental health, clarification, and for laughter and rest. Whatever the reason, any learner should feel comfortable asking for a break for themselves or for the group.

Above all, I believe that one never stops learning, growing, and developing skills, philosophies, and leadership qualities.