Motivational Monday: Live Up to the Luna Bar


So, today I got this message from my “I’m in a hurry” breakfast:


And I almost missed it.
Not only did I not read what my Luna Bar was telling me until after I’d taken a bite, but I literally almost allowed myself to miss today’s awesome.
I could have gotten wrapped up in the “Monday” of it all – the hurry, the communication hiccups, and the downright urgency that accompanies campers’ arrival to camp.
Instead, I did something special with my best friend across the miles. That was pretty awesome.
I got to be there for my coworker and friend, and that was pretty awesome.
I witnessed a staff member being helpful and kind while focusing on a solution for a child, and that was pretty awesome.

Today led to a LOT of awesome, all because I took the time to find it.

What awesome did you find today?