Motivational Monday: Stress Stromboli

Tonight I decided to follow up on an agreement that I made with my husband to make dinner at some point this week. We are getting ready for staff training and I knew tonight would be the best night, so I decided to make a stromboli.
Fast forward through a long day of forgetting to eat lunch, sweeping the corners on lesson plans, and a 2 hour commute and I was not in a place to make anything, muqch less a dang stromboli. So what did I do?


I made the dang stromboli.
Don’t ask me why. I totally had an “if this had gluten and dairy it would do right” breakdown in the middle of my kitchen, covered in flour and dough. I got mad at it and didn’t accept help well, then I threw it in the oven and stopped caring.
It could have been way better, but because I knew the basic dynamics it turned out ok. (I still think I should have done something way easier.)
What is the stromboli you make when you’re stressed out? Is it saying “yes” to an event you don’t have time for? Is it designing a program while you’re also designing another program?
Don’t forget to accept help and keep it simple. While my stromboli came out ok, there was no need for my breakdown. I coulda steamed some veggies instead or at least accepted help a little more graciously.
Don’t get caught crying in the kitchen, y’all. Don’t make the stromboli!