Motivational Monday: Simply Genuine


At least three times a week, I get a Fscebook message from my about my cat. He loves her. He always wants to know her whereabouts and what is happening in her life, we chat for a minute, then he reminds me that he loves me (and the cat) and misses me and signs off.
He has always, always loved animals. He has met Sharkbait (the cat) only a couple of times, but he knows her favorite scratch spots and even when she is most likely to be around me for a quick video. He loves to see her and talk to her through Skype and other social media.
I relish these times. His unconditional love for animals reminds me that the simplicity found in living an honest, genuine life cannot be compromised. He loves animals and his cousins, so he checks in on us. It’s a pleasure to collect videos and photos for him because I know he will love them!
How often do we turn our work – youth development in camping – into a complicated production? When is it that we forget to focus on that one little thing that makes a camper happy? Who do we check in on?
My cousin has many amazing attributes, but this simple act of caring is by far one of the most treasured. How will you use his lessons this summer?