Motivational Monday: Cover Me

Dolly Parton has written so many amazing songs. What’s better, she gives groups like Red Molly, an all-women group if fantastic musicians, free reign when covering her music. Check it out:

Wasn’t that lovely?
What’s awesome about a band or artist covering the work of another is the fresh, new take on something while keeping true to the intentions of the piece.

This is kinda like the work we do at camp. Thank about it: I’m teaching new staff how to play games that I learned from staff who learned it from others, who learned it from others… and so on. It compounds and becomes better every day.
As we move into “summer crunch time,” think about ways you can cover the things you’ve been taught and the permissions you can grant for someone to cover you. It’s a cycle, guys; keep it rotating.

Incidentally, I have a playlist of amazing covers by folks from all over the musical universe: LISTEN ON SPOTIFY