Motivational Monday: Innovation


So, I really dug this quote and looked this fellow up. I mean, this can’t be Clock Kid, right? Same name, sure, but he’s 14. No way something this deep came out of his mouth.
Boy was I wrong…
This is that Ahmed Mohamed. This is the brilliant kid who, because of failure on the part of those in power in his small Texas school, was arrested when he brought his invention to school. (There are lots of politics around all this, and I know I’m stepping in it, but he’s 14, y’all. And moving to Qatar to study on scholarship among other things.)
This is the Ahmed Mohammed who graciously acknowledged that because of his race and presumed religious background, painted a simple picture of discrimination in his hometown.
This is the Ahmed Mohamed who graciously spoke with journalists, corporate techies, and even our nation’s leader with candid honesty about his arrest.
This is the Ahmed Mohamed to whom I owe so much: he has shown all my campers how to get over preconceived notions, stereotyping, and unfair profiling. He showed them that if you you have an idea, use it. Put it out there.
This is the Ahmed Mohamed who has already changed his world.
Now go change yours.