Motivational Monday: Grace Lee Boggs

GLBOne of the most radical, loving, and brilliant people to serve the youth of America died today. Grace Lee Boggs was 100. She put the “active” in “activism,” changing the face of education, encouraging race and gender equality, and never, ever slowing down. She taught me to always look around me as I fight my way up.

Grace Lee Boggs should motivate you to continue to work for change. Environmental awareness, social reform, trans equality, international human rights, putting food in bellies and ensuring the future of our nation and the world are all things my staff has brought to the table in the past.

This beautiful, inspiring woman spent her life loving humanity and this crazy planet that sustains us. When she saw wrong being done or the basic rights of an individual or group being shorted, her heart broke. In her heartbreak, she took action and fought so hard for what is right. She mobilized great numbers of people to accomplish amazing things, but she also continued to make right out of wrong until the day she died. She took the final journey knowing that her broken heart will eventually be mended, and the people of this world can right all the wrongs she witnessed.

What does your heart break for?