Motivational Monday: Saltwater Cure


This Isak Dinesen quote has never been truer than at summer camp, especially when it comes to homesickness. We keep kids busy and running around (sweat), but sometimes they just need a good cry. And sometimes, like this past week at the VA 4-H State Staff Training, we just need a calm walk on the beach with ourselves and maybe a steadfast pal who will listen and understand, encouraging with just their presence.

I can’t wait to post some thoughts on camp family and what it brings to us. I am in this for a lifetime, and I still get homesick. Forgive yourself, go for a run, have a good cry, or get some salty wind in your hair. Then remember why you left your home to become part of the family at YOUR camp.

Keep your eyes open toward the end of the week for the thoughts mentioned above. Until then, keep camping!