Motivational Monday: Sharing is Caring?

Yes, I’m late on this one… bear with me. My yesterday was super full of awesome things!

Have you ever heard the phrase “sharing is caring” spoken to a child who is learning basic manners? Seems pretty legit, right? If you care about the other person, you’ll share with them – your toys, a meal, insight into their current situation, your political opinions, your body odor, ways in which you would do what they’re doing better, why their outfit looks awful, secrets you just learned about the guy to their left, etc.

Wait… what?Yeah. Sometimes we may overshare a little bit. Ok, a lot of bit. We catch ourselves falling into this “sharing is caring” pattern when all we really want to do is drape our opinions and ideas over the shoulders of someone else and have them wear them around for awhile. Sometimes we work so hard to make sure that our conversation partner knows what WE are sharing that we forget to receive what they are sharing with us.

This past Sunday I sat on a panel for an OWL (Our Whole Lives) class. It was fantastic. The other panelists and I shared personal stories, anecdotal moments, and compared experiences. We handed out advice and reassurance like candy, and answered questions as candidly as possible. We were in an emotionally safe environment, and it felt good! At the end of the class, we were thanked. Later, we thanked each other for the sharing we did. The appreciation expressed in those simple words of gratitude really boosted my confidence in sharing and made me consider the value and weight of what others say to me.

Remember to share things people will thank you for, and remember to thank others when they step outside of themselves and share with you.


Now, go do great things!