Motivational Monday: The Next Big Thing

I spent all day traveling to a camping conference, my third conference of the 4 I’ve attended (and presented at) in the past 2 months. I was talking about my ideas for a motivational post when I stumbled across a Facebook post from my sister:


She essentially stated that if you are following your passion you are already there. You have nothing to prove, no rank to qualify for. You are at the top because you believe in it, and we believe in you!
My sister teaches at Texas A&M and is no stranger to camp staff. We know that it takes time and self-doubt to get where you’re going (or even figure out where you want to go), but we love nothing more than to be challenged by those we are here to teach.
I present at this conference at 4:00pm tomorrow, and almost a week later I’ll be presenting at another conference. I present because I am passionate about the benefits of camping and experiential education. I am passionate because I know at these conferences I might meet one of you. And you are the next big thing!