Motivational Monday: Sticky Note Living

Well… We’re back! While some of you folks may still be celebrating with holiday breaks & snow days, here in southwest Virginia we are back in action!


I spent today with my Program Team really muddling through some goal setting & vision planning for 2015. One of my favorite exercises is to take sticky notes & write our personal goals on each one. Then, we fill a wall with the goals. After taking a minute to compare ours to others’, we then categorize these little items into big “umbrella” goals that the entire team can put action into. The little sticky papers get moved from one place to another, bouncing between categories until we have a set of SMART* goals.
As we were moving notes around today, I was thinking to myself, “how easy would life be if we could just sticky note all those things in our heads?” We could have a tangible view of all those tiny obligations that build into a nearly insurmountable task. We could eliminate redundant behaviors, accurately assess our emotions and reactions, and plan out our days that we have plenty of time for everything. And if it doesn’t fit where we put it, we move it to something else – some other category or timeframe where it will work the best.
How can we bring the sticky note technique into our lives? What do you do that helps you stay fluid and helps you step away from the big piece of paper and write your own personal sticky notes?

*SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. When we plan our goals, we ensure they meet this criteria then develop an Action Plan for each.