Motivational Monday: Super Awkward Motivation

Wow. I love the song “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, but this VIDEO:

What were they thinking?!

Like, it’s super super awkward. It’s a six and a half minute, single-take hug, while they’re singing sort of to, sort of around each other. Not to mention the eclipse that’s inserted behind them, and the turntable effect. They also have trouble standing still sometimes, and apparently Kate was headed out to safari after this hug. It’s SO awkward. But, it’s also a lovely song with a timeless message for when we feel like we can’t continue.

I love awkward motivation. I feel like such a dork when all I’ve got is a thumbs up for a kid on the climbing wall, or an off-track locker room speech for my staff. Sometimes we just get weird and stumble through our words and into an awkward hug, pat on the head, or half-smile. These moments are what it’s all about; we get the message out whether or not we do it eloquently. We don’t have to plan a¬†perfect moment for the moment to be perfect.

Never be afraid to help someone feel better because you could be awkward. Remember, it’ll never be as awkward as Peter and Kate.