Motivational Monday: Thank You

Hey, camp staff!
I just want to drop a line and say “thank you.” Thank you for being the kind of person I can tell parents I’d trust with my children. Thank you for teaching me the new game your pack invented so I wouldn’t feel left out. Thank you for helping me avoid being eaten by a bear on trail (even though it wasn’t a bear at all, just nighttime noises). Thanks for smiling, hugging, paddling, lifeguarding, shooting, and adventuring with aching feet and a cold. Thank you for giving away your favorite shorts to a kid whose parents couldn’t afford new ones in her size. Thanks for pulling up a chair, passing notes, and mailing letters for homesick kids.
As you head back from whence you came, know that you have left a legacy in your wake. Just as you have been forever changed by your summer, so have I been made better for having been your advocate, mother, doctor, and teacher these past 17 weeks.
Now, go do amazing things!