Motivational Monday: Doing What Others Say You Can’t


Have you ever had one of those campers? For any number of reasons, Mom or Dad has let you know that he will not have a good time. He’s a challenge. In fact, here’s some tricks you can use to get him to brush his teeth or eat new foods. But don’t expect him to do anything – he’s set in his ways!

At this point, you really have two options: make his week tolerable and follow the rules from his parents, or make his week awesome by doing what they told you is impossible. Obviously, the tried and true is reliable and might work coming from a stranger, but what if you sent home a kid who doesn’t mind trying a new food? What if he is a challenge because he’s simply scared of change? What if, like you, he’s been so inundated with risk management and personal boundaries that he’s afraid he might do something wrong?

This summer, do what others say you can’t. Give your campers a new experience. Learn a new game to teach your cabin group. Get in the dirt with the kids. Plan and execute a new evening activity. Write the next big camp song, teach it to your “difficult” camper, and you guys lead it at campfire. Leave a positive impact.